Magnetically stimulated soft materials

List of participants and speakers:
  • Haim H. Bau, Univ. of Pennsylvania
  • Andrejs Cebers, University of Latvia
  • Mas Crawford, USC
  • Randall M. Erb, Northeastern University
  • Ian Griffiths, Oxford University
  • Jordi Faraudo, ICMAB-CSIC, Barcelona
  • Gary Friedman,  Drexel University
  • Evgeny Katz, Clarkson University
  • Konstantin Kornev, Clemson University
  • Igor Luzinov, Clemson University
  • Hui  Mao, Emory University
  • Leidong Mao, UGA
  • Thompson Mefford, Clemson U.
  • Sergiy Minko, UGA
  • Tho Nguyen, UGA
  • Huong Phan, University of South Florida
  • Kuldip Raj, Ferrotec
  • Carlos Rinaldi, University of Florida
  • Dave Salac, SUNY Buffalo
  • Howard A. Stone, Princeton University
  • André R. Studart, ETH Zurich
  • ShouhengSun,  Brown University
  • Ashutosh Tiwari, University of Utah
  • Vladimir Tsukruk, Georgia Tech
  • Orlin D. Velev,  North Carolina State  U.
  • Markus Wohlgenannt, Univ. of Iowa
  • Jin Xie, UGA
  • Xiangchun Xuan , Clemson University
  • Benjamin Yellen, Duke University
  • Markus Zahn, MIT
  • John X.J. Zhang, Dartmouth College
  • Yiping Zhao, UGA
  • Qun Zhao, UGA
Sergiy Minko,; Jason Locklin,;
Leidong Mao,; Tho Nguen,
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Program Schedule

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DAY – 1
Monday, May 11, 2015
7:00 – 8:00 am Breakfast, Ballroom
7:00 – 8:00 am Conference Registration, Conference Registration Desk
Session 1 8:15 am- 10:30 am, Morning, May 11, Dogwood Hall, Chair Jason Locklin
8:15 am Opening Remarks, Provost Pamela Whitten
8:30 am
Shouheng Sun
Magnetic Nanoparticles for Bioimaging and Therapeutic Applications
Brown University
9:00 am
John Zhang, P. Chen, E. Huang, K.
Hoshino Multiscale Immunomagnetic Enrichment of Circulating Tumor Cells: from Tubes to Microchips
Dartmouth College
9:30 am
Markus Wohlgenannt, F. Macia, F. Wang, N. J. Harmon, M. E. Flatté, A. D. Kent
Room Temperature Transduction Between Magnetic and O ptical Information Utilizing Ferromagnetic Fringe-Fields and Radical Dopant
University of Iowa
10:00 am
Leidong Mao
Ferrohydrodynamic Cell Sorting
10:30 am
Coffee break, Pecan Tree Galleria Break Area
Session 2
10:45 am – 12:45 pm, Morning, May 11, Dogwood Hall, Chair Mas Crawford
10:45 am
André R Studart
Programmable Magnetically-Assisted Assembly of Bioinspired Materials
ETH Zurich
11:15 am
Konstantin Kornev
Magnetic Rotational Spectroscopy with Nanorods for Characterization of Rheology of
Nanoliter Droplets and Sensing of NanoTesla Fields
Clemson University
11:45 am
Evgeny Katz
Application of Magnetic Particles in Switchable Bioelectronic Systems
Clarkson University
12:15 pm
Jin Xie
Development of MRI Contrast Agents with High T1/T2 Relaxivities
12:45-2:00 pm
Lunch Break, Ballroom
Session 3
2 pm – 4 pm, Afternoon, May 11, Dogwood Hall, Chair Leidong Mao
2:00 pm
Jordi Faraudo
Predicting the Self-Assembly of Superparamagnetic Particles
Institut de Ciencia de Materials de Barcelona
2:30 pm
Igor Luzinov
Flexible Chains of Ferromagnetic Nanoparticles
Clemson University
3:00 pm
Orlin Velev
Magnetic Assembly and Dynamics of Metallo-Dielectric Janus Spheres, Cubes and Nanoparticles:
From Colloidal Origami to Motile Microbots
3:30 pm
Yiping Zhao
Magnetic Nanomotors to Enhance Stroke Treatment
4:00 pm
Coffee break, Pecan Tree Galleria Break Area
Session 4
4:15 pm – 4:45 pm, Afternoon, May 11, Dogwood Hall, Chair Dave Salac
4:15 pm
Vladimir Tsukruk, R. Geryak, J. Geldmeier
Magnetically Tunable Gold Nanorods: Giant Plasmonic Shifts and Transport
Georgia Tech.
4:45 pm
Randall M. Erb
3D Magnetic Printing to Microstructure Composites
Northeastern University
5:15 pm
Sergiy Minko
Remotely Controlled Stimuli-Responsive Soft Matter
5:45 pm
Ian M Griffiths, A.Tokarev, O. Trotsenko, H. A. Stone, S. Minko
Magnetospinning of Micro and Nanofibres
Oxford U., Princeton U., UGA
6:30 pm
Transportation to Botanical Garden
7:00 pm
Dinner, Botanical Garden

DAY – 2
7:00 – 8:00 am
Breakfast, Ballroom
Session 5
8:30 am – 10:30 am, Morning, May 12, Dogwood Hall, Chair Tho Nguen
8:30 am
Haim Bau
Magnetohydrodynmaics in Electrolyte Solutions
University of Pennsylvania
9:00 am
Dave Salac, E. M. Kolahdouz, P. Gera
Vesicles: Influence of external electric and magnetic fields
University at Buffalo-SUNY
9:30 am
Kuldip Raj
Ferrofluid properties and applications
10:00 am
Benjamin Yellen
Magnetophoretic Circuits for Single Cell Analysis
Duke University
10:30 am
Coffee break, Pecan Tree Galleria Break Area
Session 6
10:45 am – 12:45 pm, Morning, May 12, Dogwood Hall, Chair Ian M Griffiths
10:45 am
Markus Zahn
Hele-Shaw Ferrohydrodynamics for Rotating and Axial Magnetic Fields, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 11:15 am
Xiangchun Xuan
Diamagnetic particle manipulation in ferrofluid microflows
Clemson University
11:45 am
Andrejs Cebers
Soft Matter in Electromagnetic Fields as Active Matter
University of Latvia
12:15 pm
Tho Nguyen
Spin injection and transport in organic spin valves
12:45-2:00 pm
Lunch Break, Ballroom
 Session 7
2 pm – 4 pm, Afternoon, May 12, Dogwood Hall, Chair Jin Xie
2:00 pm
Thompson Mefford
Synthesis of a Polymer-Magnetic Particle Platform for “Tailored” Multimodal Materials
for Imaging and Treatment
Clemson University
 2:30 pm
Hui Mao
Probing enhanced tumor delivery with contrast switchable ultrafine magnetic nanoparticles
Emory University
3:00 pm
Huong Phan
Tunable Exchange Bias in Magnetic Nanostructures for Spintronics
University of South Florida
3:30 pm
Qun Zhao
In vivo tracking and quantification of stem cells labeled with iron oxide nanoparticles
4:00 pm
Coffee break, Pecan Tree Galleria Break Area
Session 8
4:15 pm – 4:45 pm, Afternoon, May 12, Dogwood Hall, Chair Randall M. Erb
4:15 pm
Gennady Friedman
Identification of magnetic nanoparticle aggregate parameters from susceptibility and
relaxation measurements
Drexel University
4:45 pm
Carlos Rinaldi
Nanoscale Thermal Phenomena Near the Surface of Magnetic Nanoparticles in
Alternating Magnetic Fields
University of Florida
5:15 pm
Mas Crawford
Real-Time Monitoring of Magnetic Field-Directed Self-Assembly Using
Magnetically Recorded Nanotemplates
University of South Carolina
5:45 pm
Ashutosh Tiwari
Atomically thin MoS2: A Versatile Non-Graphene 2D material
University of Utah
6:30 pm
Poster Session and Reception, Pecan Tree Galleria
Download poster session details here: pdf