Active projects

Stimuli responsive polymer brushes

A polymer brush consists of end-tethered (grafted, anchored) polymer chains stretched away from the substrate due to the volume-excluded effect. In mixed brushes, two or more different polymers grafted to the same substrate constitute the brush.

Software Application: 2D Single Molecules

2D Single Molecules is a software (freeware) we have developed for the processing data of AFM single molecule experiments (or any other technique allowing the visualization of single molecules, …

Single Molecules of Polymers

Single molecules of polymers are the objects, which study opens new possibilities to collect important information for polymer and colloidal science. Understanding of the behavior of single polymer chains in solutions and in adsorbed state is crucial for adsorption processes, …

Responsive Polymer Membranes and Templates

We develop a range of various approaches to fabrication of polymer membranes and templates from polymers, copolymers, block-copolymers and composite materials. Thin films of block-copolymers undergo phase segregation …

Nanoparticles and Nanowires

Fabrication of nanoparticles of the desired shape and physical properties is a task of great importance for modern electronics, sensors, nanodevices, catalysis, and so forth. One of the approaches for fabricating nanoparticles is based on templating single molecules. 

Biomaterials and Textiles

We explore the possibility to tune surface properties of polymeric substrate with switchable and adaptive nanoscopic polymer coatings. Such a coating can adopt their properties to biological environment interacting with proteins and cells.

Biocatalytic systems for cellulose-based biofuels

In this project we have developed a biocatalytic enzymogel which demonstrates a novel type of remote controlled phase-boundary biocatalysis that involves remotely directed binding to and engulfing insoluble substrates, high mobility and stability of the catalytic centers.

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