NSM Lab vacancies

NSM Lab interdisciplinary research areas include materials/biomaterials science and engineering, polymer science, fiber science, chemistry, cell biology, tissue engineering, applied physics, and some other disciplines and research areas. The laboratory adheres firmly to the practice of equal opportunities and encourages applications from underrepresented groups.

More about our research areas you can find HERE

For prospective graduate students

You are very welcome to submit your CV to a group member. We would like to apologize if you receive no reply from us. The lab is not processing formal applications. We receive many applications; we have no resources to reply to each inquiry. We could reply only in the case of a scholarship vacancy to those applications that demonstrate a close match to our current research needs.

For formal application instructions, please refer to the Graduate School and the host department websites. Professor Minko is affiliated with two graduate programs: Chemistry (Department of Chemistry) and Polymer, Fibers and Textiles (Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors). For students who wish to conduct research in our lab and register for other UGA programs, it is possible to use the mechanism of co-advising by professors affiliated with different departments. 

Admission decisions are made by the Department Graduate Committees and the UGA Graduate School. Prior to application, potential candidates should refer to the list of all requirements posted on the corresponding websites. The graduate scholarships are highly competitive. Common factors for consideration are GPA (typically >3.6 or >90%), master degree (for Ph.D. prospective students), undergraduate or master degree research experience documented by peer-review publications (published and accepted papers), and conference presentations.

For post-doctoral scholar candidates

Openings will be posted here upon availability.