oct 2017

Our nanofiber spinning technologies in news

Original publications: http://mailchi.mp/7ed9245d5e66/october-2017-gateway-newsletter-2465937?e=6d1222b02c

A nanofiber spool (above) produced by an ultra-fast, touch-spinning technology can produce thousands of yards of nanofibers in a matter of minutes. Developed by Sergiy Minko, UGA’s Georgia Power Professor of Fiber and Polymer Science and leader of the Nanostructured Materials Lab at UGA, this unique method allows for the production of fibers containing biological or pharmaceutical loads, including materials such as stem cells, a limitation of traditional, commercial electrospinning technology. A scalable prototype embodying the process was just developed by the licensee, Whiff LLC. Whiff is also developing prototypes and products for the magnetic spinning of nano- and micro-fibers based on another invention by Minko’s group, which may revolutionize the production of specialty fibers for use as novel materials and in the medical field.

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